Women Wednesday: Brittni Shae

We all need some fitness motivation and who better to inspire us than Brittni Shae! We admire her work ethic and passion for helping others become the best version of themselves. She is a full time occupational therapist, owner of Team BshaeFit, WBFF PRO (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion), and USAPL powerlifter.  We hope you enjoy getting to know this fearless woman who demonstrates balance in all areas of her life.

For those that don’t know you, share with us who Brittni Shae is: I grew up in the state of Maine (where my family lives) and went to college in 2002 in hopes to be a physical therapist, in the first 2 years I changed my path and became an occupational therapist after 6 years of school. I graduated with honors with my master of science in Occupational Therapy. I moved to Florida after I graduated with my boyfriend at the time. From 2008 to 2010 I was working on finding myself, I began my fitness adventures in 2010 to become a healthier self. I decided to compete in 2011, and did in 2012. I turned pro and did a pro show in 2013. I had issues with my life balance, food, and overall health. I committed myself to change and found out who I truly was by digging deep mind, body, and soul. I met Mike shortly after and we have been together for 2 years. We live together with my little Ziggy (a havanese).

What type of diet do you follow and what is an example of some of your meals and supplements? I do not really call what I do a “diet” per say. I count macros and just know how much I eat every day and restrict 0 foods. If I like it, I eat it. I really do not eat a lot of the same meals. I have fun creating new meals and really am a foodie. I use a women’s multivitamin, fish oil, b12, d3, potassium, and magnesium daily. I also use digestive enzymes/probiotics. I drink BCAAs/Aminos daily 2-3x (morning, mid workout, post workout). I also like to use CONCRET creatine, peak (ATP), and BURN for my pre-workouts. The BURN is only 100mg caffeine so it is a subtle pre-workout. Creatine and Peak are stimulant free. I use Promera Sports products because you can actually read the whole label. My Promera Sports 25% off discount code is BSHAE.

Why did you decide to start using macros?I began in 2010 with my weight loss journey tracking my food, I would go back and forth over the years using my food tracking app then I got obsessive and burnt out. I actually turned to intuitive eating post show after I found myself obsessive with my app again in 2013. I took a year off from tracking then started again in 2014 when I met Mike, but without an app. I did not use one for another year and would just manually track things. I wanted to be more precise for my competition prep so I used the app again and found it easier. I believe my overall mindset is less obsessive and I am no longer than person that used to obsess over controlling things. 🙂

Tell us about Team BshaeFit and how it differentiates from other online training programs? I have changed Team BShaeFit since I opened it back in 2014. It really has improved overtime. Currently I offer several instant downloads, consults, and best of all my 4 and 12 week customized programs ($90-375) depending how much assist one wants or needs. I do not offer meal plans any longer as I do not want to be reliable for one’s food choices. I do assist in suggesting and overviewing someone’s day of meals to assure they are eating good nutrient dense foods along with their fun foods. I handwrite all my workout programs for each client and enjoy writing them based on individual needs, fitness levels, goals and workout environments. My website is www.bshaefit.com. I also have adjusted my nutrition guidance to more flexible options with macro ranges if someone needs less of a strict plan to follow. I think the Facebook private group is the best support in the world!


What would be your advice for young women who look up to “fitness models”? Be leary who you look up to, you really do not know what they are doing behind closed “screens” on the internet.

Have you recently competed? If so with what confederation? I am a WBFF bikini pro and have competed in 3 pro shows, my most recent 2 were in April and August. I also am a USAPL powerlifter and have competed 3 times in the last 1 year. I am looking forward to an off season currently and competing again in either or both in the Spring.

What would you tell your younger self? That the journey is just as enjoyable as the goal 🙂

To continue following Brittni check out her social media pages:
Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook: BShaeFit
Website: www.bshaefit.com

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