Verrier Handcrafted Boutique

I am so obsessed with Verrier. This handmade boutique sells the most beautiful and creative pieces of art. From cards, to prints, to cosmetic bags, Verrier has an eye for adorable and inspirational. Decorating with their artwork has totally transformed my apartment.

Although they are an online store, they do have pop-ups around NYC. They open up at several locations near the holiday time, which is when I discovered them. At the annual Bryant Park Winter Village, my friend and I stopped by at one of their little set ups and came across the cutest artwork (above). As a NYC lover (obvi), this little picture just spoke to me. Since they are handcrafted, the pictures are pricey, but the one in this picture was $35.


For my roommates birthday, I got her a new makeup brush and wanted to find a cute cosmetics bag to put it in. Of course, when I saw this on their Instagram, I knew it was “the one”.

Verrier currently has a kiosk open at the Oculus, which is fortunately near my apartment, which unfortunately means it’s too close and I will be there all the time.

My roommate picked out this lovely picture for the entrance of our apartment. It was exactly what we needed to add to the room.

I think it fits right in! I’m almost glad my room is small because if it was any bigger, I’d probably just buy more of these until you couldn’t see the wall. Anyone else in love with Verrier?

Dream Big,


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