Truths told by an Entrepreneur

Being my own boss was always my dream at a young age. I started working at the age of 15 and juggled work and school until my college graduation. During these years I focused on ensuring I was learning as much as possible from my managers and taking in as much information to be able to then pursue my own dreams and goals. My story seems unusual, a bit strange for most people since I didn’t party as much, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. From 15-20 I worked in several different industries that led me to where I am today. It was those skills learned at an early age that have given me the opportunity to go after my dream of being my own boss.

People think that being an entrepreneur is easy, you make your own schedule, travel when you want, and you are the boss. All those things are accurate, but there are a lot more responsibilities involved than one would imagine.

I wanted this post to be honest and encouraging to those that are following their own entrepreneurial dreams and share with you 6 important lessons I learned in the beginning.

1. It won’t be easy, if it was everyone would do it. Daily reminders to yourself about why you started and decided to follow your dreams are crucial. I always go over my goals for the year and it get’s me motivated to keep going. Make sure to stay on top of yourself and create to do lists and check lists because being your own boss can also result in more afternoons relaxing instead of working. Make sure you don’t let your dreams crumble in front of you!

2.  Continue learning! Don’t stop because you there is always so much you can learn to grow your company and yourself. I personally devote 3 hours a day to reading and praying because I believe in the importance of personal growth and development. There are so many great books out there, one of my top favorites this month is God Owns my Business. You can e-mail me at for a free copy!

3. Say goodbye to those “no stress” weekends and holidays. Being your own boss is great, but work never stops, even when your employees do. There is always something that you will be thinking about, so be prepared to be on the go.  It’s just about staying focused on your ultimate goal and remember, soon you’ll be living the motto; work hard, play harder!

4. Surround yourself with like minded people that are chasing their dreams. It’s so important to be able to share with your friends and loved ones what you are going through, your victories and valleys too. This is also a great way to exchange ideas and get a pep talk when you are feeling down or overwhelmed. Trust me, I’ve been there!

5. Journal each evening so you can look back and see how you’ve grown in your company. This is also helpful to see what didn’t work and plan on how to change it for the future. For my company instead of much journaling I created a sales Metrix where I put down all the details of that sales day (including weather, number of employees, bonuses). This will be huge help for me to prepare for the next few years.

6. Dress and prepare yourself as if you were actually going to a full time office job and meeting with your boss. I often work from the office but I do have some days that I work from home. The flexibility is amazing and one of my favorite perks! The catch however is that if I don’t take off my pjs I’m not productive & we know that’s not good! So get up, get dressed, and continue chasing your dreams!

Dream Big,


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