Tobi Summer Dresses Review

I am SO excited to collab with Tobi. These summer dresses are perfection! I still remember the first item I bought from their website. It was my 21st birthday and I was looking everywhere for the perfect black, off-the-shoulder dress. I was so thrilled when I tried it on and it was exactly what I was looking for! Every girl knows the pressure of finding that perfect birthday dress. Ever since then, I’ve put my dress faith in Tobi, so you can imagine my excitement when they reached out to us.

Here are the dresses I picked out, and they certainly did NOT disappoint!

This blue jean dress was probably my favorite. It was beyond comfortable to wear and what I loved most about it is how easy it was to style. I did find that this dress ran a little big. I ordered a small and it was still big on me. I do think that’s the style of the dress, but I still would have asked for an extra small if I knew. To go along with the comfy vibe, I put on my Adida Original! One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Since it was big on me, I immediately thought of pairing it up with a bralette. I’m a little late to the bralette game. I never thought it would look good on me. I always loved the way it looked on girls that were a little more flat chested, but I tried one on at Victoria Secret, and ended up buying two. I’m seriously obsessed with laced bralettes now. Definitely get this one if you’re looking for one that offeres great support.

I just love how sweet and delicate it made the outfit. It matched so well with the blue dress that I started adding more white accents to the look. I just love white in the summer! My purse is from Kate Spade. I just thought it looked like the perfect summer purse.

I also wore a Jord Watch, which we have collabed with before!

I’m the kind of girl who loves to stick to that one pair of earring for everything. For me, nothing is better than pearl earrings. I got these ones for my birthday from Kate Spade as well!

This second look was so beautiful! It was all lace! The blush color complemented my skin so well. It was the perfect “date” dress. My watch is from Michael Kors and the bag is from Francesca’s.

You can see the details in this picture above. Best of all, you don’t need a bra, I promise. Maybe add some fashion tape for security, but even without it, it felt really good. This was another dress that I would’ve preferred extra small, but even a little baggy, it felt so comfortable. Trust me, in NYC you want to be comfortable.

The last dress was my “Belle” dress. I felt like I was wearing an inspired Beauty and the Beast yellow dress. This one fit me really well. It’s definitely the kind of dress that looks better when you try it on.

I love my Chanel bag. It makes everything twice as fancy! Look at that background…it look fake right? That was the incredible sunset at Battery Park.

The dress just made everything look like a painting! I felt very “La La Land” inspired as well.

I’m so in love with these three dresses! Thank you Tobi for making a girl feel so summer-ready. Follow our instagram for more pictures!

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