Sunset Kayaking Experience in Miami

Living in Miami means you have to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. That isn’t the easiest when you work and can’t lounge on the beach every day of the week, so finding fun weekend activities outside is a must!

After a busy work week there is nothing better than a relaxing sunset kayaking experience. A group of my friends joined me and it was an unforgettable time. We purchased our tickets online and followed the instructions, arrive one hour earlier and prepare for an evening of kayaking with Virginia Key Outdoor Center. We then had to follow the guide and stay away from the deep ocean.

The Experience:

The beginning was a bit rough as we transitioned from calm waters into the ocean waves, but the rush you feel is addicting. Once we got over the choppy water we were calmly paddling towards Miami and seeing the exuberant sunset. This was such a speechless moment, everything was calm around us and all we did was admire the beauty of nature and feel a sense of thankfulness. The waves dictated our course in the ocean as we relaxed and took in the beauty of the sunset.

Once the sun had settled we watched the city lights turn on and had a one of a kind experience paddling through the night. It was certainly something one does not experience often!

The pictures don’t even do it justice, but this is certainly a #BloggingBlondesApproved adventure! For more details on how to book a sunset kayak experience you can check out #VKOC upcoming events.
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