Summer Skin Prep: Sabon

I get super lazy with skincare during the winter. Honestly, I take a major break from taking care of myself in general. In the winter I just want to live in leggings, eat a lot, and hide indoors from the cold. One major skincare routine that gets left behind is moisturizing. Hiding underneath all those coats, I don’t feel like it’s necessary to focus on moisturizer.

BUT it is almost summer! Summer in the city is my favorite! Also means it’s time to get back into a better skincare routine. Sabon is my favorite for moisturizing! My friend showed me Sabon a while ago and I just love their products! This body butter is amazing.

The best part is you can go into their store and try their scrubs for free! Pick your scent and feel the magic.
Sabon also has cute little packages that are great for gifting. If anyone you know loves skincare or beauty products, I reccomend browsing Sabon.

Get that skin back to health! You won’t regret trying a Sabon product. Summer always dries out the skin, so it’s important to make sure you have something that really moisturizers. Definitely a good self splurge to start off the summer.

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