Spring Books; The Shack and Shaken

One of my goals for this year is to read more. It seems like I set this goal for myself every year but don’t accomplish it.  This year I tried something different and decided to be specific with my goal. I set a goal of reading at least one new book a month plus reading the Bible in 365 days. So as an accountability check, I’ll be sharing with you two books that I have read these past months.

Shaken – By Tim Tebow

This was a Christmas gift and I absolutely loved it. I also bought it in Audio book since I drive a lot of work and could make better use of my “downtime”. It’s certainly an incredible story about Tim Tebow’s life. I am not the biggest sports fan, but I’ve always known about his struggles in the NFL as a Christian. You may be thinking how you can relate to his examples as a football player, don’t worry – you certainly can! He shares inspiring stories of people he has met along his career and how their perseverance in life inspired him.

The Shack – By William P Young

Another gift from my sweet friend Hannah, The Shack is a powerful book, and unique in so many ways. It’s considered a narrative theodicy — an attempt to answer the question of evil and the character of God by means of a story. Definitely not a book you pick up from Barnes and Noble with frequency! But it’s so good! The movie also just came out in theaters and I am planning on seeing it also. The only note I would emphasize on is that it must be kept in mind that The Shack is a work of fiction, don’t get it confused with what’s actually in the Bible.

What are your favorite books this year? Would love to hear from you!

Dream Big,


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