It’s Friday and a long weekend for so many people, yay! This week I stopped by the cutest dessert parlor in Miami called OH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros (Brazilian truffles).

OH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros is the first Brigadeiro boutique in Florida and is located in Coral Gables. Their mission is to bring an unique and innovative twist on a traditional Brigadeiro (Brazilian truffles) and cappuccinos. It’s also the cutest coffee and tea location,  with accents of pink everywhere. OMG Brigadeiros offer a variety of Brigadeiros, coffees, cake jars and very soon new products.

I went with a friend on a Sunday afternoon and it was the perfect girl time. We chose a box of brigadeiros, tea and a cappuccino. It was so casual, fun and delicious!

The menu is simple and won’t disappoint. You can choose between fifteen different flavor of brigadeiros (churros, chocolate almond, cookies and cream, dark, dulce de leche, traditional, Nutella, Oh my gosh, passion fruit, pistachio, romeo & Juliet, rainbow, strawberry and white chocolate).

But the ultimate experience was having the cappuccino. I linked here a video of how they make it, OMG it’s SO flavorful!

Absolutely one of my new favorite spots in Miami!

Dream Big,



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