A night at LIPS: NYC’s number one drag show

My friend Nancy turned 25 last weekend! Nancy wanted somewhere we could eat, laugh, drink and have fun– and LIPS delivered! Now, there are about a million places you could go to in NYC and you’ll never run out of options, but I highly recommend LIPS if you’re looking for the ultimate night out with your girlfriends. I had never been to a drag show before and I had a blast!


A few things you should know when you go to Lips:

  • The food is really really good! Food is always my priority when I go anywhere. I got the steak and I also tried my friend’s penne vodka. Both were so incredibly good and it’s not that expensive. But, the drinks do add up…speaking of drinks….
  • The drinks are strong. They’ll try to get you to take a shot and you should because they have good options!
  • Your waitress could be in the show. Ours was and she was my favorite!
  • Go to the bathroom beforehand because the show feels so short, you don’t want to miss the lip synching queens.
  • This is a great place for an EVENT, so make sure you tell them it’s your birthday. They’ll dance with you and bring you on stage. They make you feel special!
  • The crowd can get weird. There’s such a mix of people that go there but just keep an open mind.
  • Bring your party game and your good humor because that’s the best way to experience Lips.

It’s also a great spot for girlfriends who are visiting you in NYC because it’s guaranteed laughter. I definitely want to go back. It’s a NYC gem for sure!

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