I never liked fireworks but…

These firework pictures HAVE to be shared. All credits to my boyfriend (or he’d call me out), because I have never liked fireworks, but I kinda really love these pictures of them.

Fireworks are loud and get boring after a while. An unfavorable opinion, but true. Fourth of July has slowly warmed on me. There’s nothing I love more than theme dressing up, but I was having way to much fun this fourth to take pics of my bomb fourth of July outfits (yeah, plural)! Here are the amazing pictures of the fireworks though:

Maybe the reason I really like the fourth now is because it feels like my summer vacation, which makes me cry. I miss summer vacations. But, the long fourth of July weekend feels like summer now to me, and I am embracing it! Don’t live in the past.

XoXo to college– PTO days are my summer now. Yes, this was written after two glasses of wine.

Dream Big,


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