Monday Beauty: Kaplan Lip 20 and Secrets of the Island

We do not have time for Monday blues! Today I am sharing some essential beauty products that are not too popular but are personally my favorite.

Lipsticks are so in nowadays, but there’s nothing worse than a chapped lip with a matte lipstick. Yuck! I am so thankful I found Kaplan Lip 20. Developed by renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist, Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D., Kaplan Lip 20 is the first complete lip treatment that moisturizes, repairs, protects with SPF 20 and adds natural fullness – all in one! It’s priced at $30.00 each which can seem like a lot for a lipstick but you have to remember that it’s treating your lips and enhancing them. It’s worth it!

The packaging and design of the lipstick is so posh. Every time I use it I get asked what it is since it looks so unique.

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Some of my favorite colors are below. I love the Sheer Deep Blackberry Shine for an evening look and the Sheer Plum and Sheer Rosewood Shine for the day! There are 12 different shades that you can choose from, it’s seriously so hard to choose which one I want next as they are all so gorgeous!


Left is the Sheer Rosewood Shine, in the middle is the Sheer Plum Shine and on the right is the Sheer Blackberry shine 55

Now that we have our lips soft and treated, time to talk about our body! I found this product and absolutely love it. I have truly never used an exfoliator that hydrates my skin so much. Secrets of the Island is magical!

This exfoliating salt scrub was created from a secret Bahamian recipe and was traditionally used by fishermen to help heal and soothe hands after a hard day’s work.


The Coconut salt scrub is made with natural ingredients that sooth and exfoliate leaving your skin feeling like silk.  This scent is a delightful fresh coconut aroma that reminds you of suntan lotion. I am super sensitive to smells but this smell is not overbearing.  It’s also not too buttery, and can be used on your hands, feet and body! It’s seriously the best!

They also just came out with some fall scents; Pumpkin (obsessed),Cashmere, and Fall Apple. I am seriously buying one of each.


The price is very reasonable as this product lasts a long time. The one pictured above is the 16oz size and costs $24.99, such a good price for an incredible product.

I hope you enjoy these phenomenal products and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Dream Big,


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