Holiday Gift ideas for men

If you’re like me, you still have some shopping to do! I always find that buying gifts for guys is so hard, so I wanted to make our lives a little easier and put together a guide: how to holiday shop for men.

holiday gift for men

The suggestions are based on three different men with three different styles. I asked each one what they wanted for gifts and I am certain you will find something that fits your significant other or family member.


  • Victor, 25 years old

“My favorite gift was a teddy bear that a girlfriend gave me. On each palm and foot of the teddy bear it had recorded quotes of things I always say or our inside jokes. It was a thoughtful and sentimental gift.”

His style is described as classy laid back. He is inspired by Adam Gallagher’s posh look.


Gift list:

Soludos Espadrilles; Tom Ford Tuscan Leather cologne, Tom Ford: Glasses, YSL: Chelsea boots

holiday gift idea of men

  • Andre, 26 years old

“My favorite gift was a watch that a girlfriend gave me. It didn’t have the times on it because it symbolized that when we were together the time didn’t matter.”

His style is described as urban, basic and comfortable. He is inspired by current trends but adapts to his reality.

holiday gift idea of men

Gift list:

Tech case/electronic accessoriesMarshall speaker, Alexander McQueen leather bracelet, Burberry leather walletgift ideas for men


  • Patrick, 27 years old

“My favorite gift was when I was much younger and my family surprised my brother and I with a family vacation to Disney. They tricked us into taking our grandparents to the airport and said we were allowed to see the airplane they were flying in. Once we got on the plane my dad told us we were on our way to Disney for Christmas vacation with the entire family. It was incredible”

His style is described as casual sporty. He is inspired by trend variations in each season and is currently inspired by the layered style.

holiday posts for men

Gift list:

Drone, Fujifilm XT10, Surfboard, Nike Prestos/Airmax/Addidas NMDs

gift for men

Photoshoot location: Brothers and Brawlers – Miami/ Photographer: Polyana Honorato

gift ideas for men

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