Goal Digger

(in Nice, France, taking some time to admire the view and think about the exciting things that are to come.)

Can we take a second to reflect on how there’s only 3 months and 18 days until the New Year? It will be here in a blink of an eye! Do you still have goals that you’ve made for yourself in the beginning of the year that you haven’t accomplished? Don’t worry! You still have three months to do it ALL.

Here are three powerful ways to get yourself motivated to reaching those goals before 2017:

1. Analyze your pending goals and set an emotional value to it. How will this goal make you feel three months from now? Once you decide which goals have an emotional value to it, make it happen and chase them, you have 3 months and 18 days.  

2. Change your attitude! Have you ever noticed that the more bad thoughts you have the worse your situation gets? Change your attitude if you want to change your life. The only thing stopping you from achieving those goals is your mindset. Be positive, love yourself, be kind to others and be happy!

3. Write down your goals for these next 3 months and read it…daily! This is my favorite part of goal setting. In my Horacio Planner, there is a section where I write my goals for the next season. I love writing it down and envisioning it. 


I still have big goals to accomplish by the end of this year & that makes me excited.
he best is yet to come!

Dream Big,


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