From Dark Brown to Ashy Blonde hair

When it comes to taking care of myself, my favorite pampering is to get my hair done. I love the feel of a fresh ashy blonde and having my dark brown roots covered! Aside from that, my hair colorist Criz comes to my house! Talk about the total princess treatment, pj’s while getting glammed.

For those that don’t know, my hair color is dark brown and you’ll see in the picture below. I started my hair journey my freshman year of college and did a subtle change to ombre. After that I just kept going blonder and blonder but more towards the yellow/golden look. I then found out that for my skin color the ashy blonde looks better & I haven’t looked back since!


Products used by my hair colorist:

  • Keune Cream Developer 3% 10 Volume Tinta
  • Keune Cream Developer 6% 20 Volume Tina
  • Olaplex N1 and N2

  • Redken Shades E Gloss 09NB Irish Cream
  • Redken Shades E Gloss 09V Platinum Ice
  • Keune Magic Blonde

Dream Big,


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