Farnham, UK

It’s high 90’s in Miami right now, and although I cannot complain about the sunshine I am certainly missing Farnham, UK. My experience there was nothing less than incredible and I am so happy I got to visit this country side of England.

My last day was spent visiting Farnham Castle and Farnahm Park. This reminded me so much of Connecticut, where I grew up. The weather was perfect, the autumn leafs made it that more breathtaking.

Farnham Castle overlooks the historic town of Farnham and for 800 years was the home and administrative center of the Bishops of Winchester. This castle plays an important part of the town and have become popular tourist attractions as it holds so much history. The Bishops of Winchester shaped English politics and the castle also had special visits from King John and Queen Victoria.

The Castle consists of two parts:

The Keep, a Scheduled Ancient Monument and the Bishop’s Palace. There was a wedding on the day that I visited so my tour wasn’t detailed, however below you can see some incredible pictures. Imagine living here?! This is totally my type of home!

I’ve said this before and can’t repeat myself enough, if you are visiting the UK or planning to, make sure to take the train from London to Farnham. This picturesque village makes it so worth it.

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