Farnham – A charming town in England

Hello countryside of England! Farnham, UK has been my home for a few weeks as I am here on a work trip. I have been to London, but never to the country side of England and I am so incredibly in love. This place is magical! Farnham is approximate 45 minutes train ride from London and is the most quaint town I’ve been to.

The town (to me it’s a village) is very historic and has beautiful buildings, Georgian Houses and so much history. There are a lot of tourist locations that depict the hidden treasures of the old town, historic cottages and hidden gardens. Farnham Castle is also a beautiful attraction for the tourists.

There’s one long main street with great British Pubs, cafes, hotels and my favorites have been:

The Wheatsheaf: This pub is located on the main street of this little town and it’s my number one favorite place to dine in Farnham. The staff is incredible! I come from a Hospitality background so good customer service to me is key, and they have it! Since I’ve been staying here for almost a month now, I’ve dined here quite a few times and it blows me away each time.

I have been staying at The Bishops Table hotel and it’s lovely. Again, the customer service is really what makes it. Everyone is extremely helpful, caring and have become like family. It’s so nice to have that hospitality, it truly makes you feel more at home.

The hotel has recently been renovated, but every room has kept it’s history and old charm. The breakfast can either be served as in room dining which is in a charming basket, or downstairs in the restaurant area. It’s continental breakfast so you have the option of fresh pastries, croissants, toast, coffee and tea. The room is spacious, the bed is comfortable and the bathroom’s have been all renovated!

More to come of England! Stay tuned and please send some sunshine this way… I miss Miami weather!

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