Eyelash Extensions; my personal experience

The truth is that I love having eyelash extensions. It makes my morning routine so much easier and it makes me look and feel better about myself. I have been getting them done for almost 3 years and don’t see how or when I’ll stop. On this post I want to share with you the truths and myths about eyelash extension. If I had read something like this before my first appointment I would have been much more prepared!


What I wish I knew before my first appointment:

  • It is like dying your hair, it’s a commitment and if you don’t keep up with it every month, well you won’t look your best.
  • You have to add it to your monthly budget since maintenance does cost and you do need a lash refill at least every 4 weeks.
  • If you are afraid that it’s going to damage your eyelash or that you will go blind because of the glue then maybe this is not for you. I wasn’t worried so I have had an amazing experience with it.
  • You will have to adjust your lifestyle; no more running that hot water from the shower on your face or scrubbing your eyelids to remove makeup with oily products.
  • You will “never” be able to live without them because you will feel naked. I mean you  probably can, but I just don’t want to!!
  • Most importantly, do your research and make sure you are going to someone based on reviews from people you know and also ensure that she is licensed and clean!

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How I personally take care of my eyelashes:

  • It’s like having another set of hair. I wake up and brush my lashes to make sure they do not get tangled and look nice.
  • I personally don’t wear much eye makeup! So there isn’t anything that I do special when I put on makeup or remove it sense it doesn’t get on my eyelids.
  • To wash my face I always wash around my eyes, and never get soap or have strong water pressure hitting my eyelashes directly.
  • I get my lashes refilled every 4 weeks; some places require it to be at 3 weeks but the lady that does mine does not have that requirement plus my lashes hold on very well.
  • Every 4 weeks it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes for my lashes to be refilled. It’s a pretty relaxing time and you don’t feel any pain so I usually take a nap.
  • Also take a multi vitamin; it helps maintain the strength of your natural lash.
  • I do not add mascara to my lashes. Some people do, but I noticed that when I did they clumped and all fell off because I had to rub them to remove the mascara. Worst idea ever!

Last but not least, when deciding to do eyelash extensions you need to understand that you are doing it for yourself. A lot of people will end up telling you that you may have looked better before or are wasting so much money, etc. But don’t let them stop you, I certainly haven’t and do what makes ME feel better and what I enjoy.

Dream Big,



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