Eyebrow makeup tips for blonde hair

Having nice eyebrows and highlighting your hair blonde is tricky. I always struggled with making sure my eyebrows didn’t look too dark with my hair. First off, luckily dark eyebrows with light hair is really in right now- plus it looks really pretty- but if you still feel a little self conscious and like me, don’t feel like you can pull off that look, I recommend following these tips:

  • Less is more. I know you really want those thick beautiful brows, but don’t overdo it. Keep it more on the natural side. If you box them in too much, your brows will end up popping out of your face. Also, if you keep your eyebrows a little thinner, it will help too.
  • Focus on the individual hairs. Kind of like the first point, don’t box in those eyebrows. Concentrate on just filling in the spots were you really have to.
  • Invest in the right tools. You want to make sure you’re looking at the details, and not just brushing a thick coat of eyebrow gel on top of your brows. I use the Anastasia pencil. I think it’s easier to focus on the individual hairs with the pencil, plus it looks lighter than the brow shadow.
  • You know what makes a huge difference? Clear eyebrow gel! Sometimes a clear eyebrow gel in all you need to make your brows look fuller without altering your eyebrow color. I seriously can’t imagine doing my eyebrows without a clear coat to keep it in place. Makes a huge difference! I use this one.
  • Lastly, I find that the perfect eyebrow color for me is Taupe. If I go to light it doesn’t match and if I go darker, it just looks super dark. If you feel like you can’t find something in between like me, I recommend trying the color Taupe.

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