Effortless Makeup Look Step by step

I’m not a huge makeup fan, and it’s shocking to a lot of people that I don’t own every product from Sephora. After having some serious challenges with acne due to makeup allergies, I learned to embrace the natural face with some staples that my dermatologist suggested.

For my day to day look I use sunscreen, BB cream and concealer, a bit of bronzer just to make me look a live and that’s it. But today’s post is not about my day to day look, today I am sharing my go to makeup for a night out. It’s natural and effortless while not clogging your pours with so much makeup. I won’t be sharing my favorite products but more of the steps that I take to achieve this look.

Skin step by step:

  1. Sunscreen – even though it’s night I still use sunscreen, UV lights are everywhere and you can still burn your skin. Plus it’s a nice simple way to prime my skin
  2. BB Cream – a great alternative to foundation. I love the tinted BB creams and the best way to apply it is to pat it on your skin instead of spreading it.
  3. Concealer – a must for me, I need to hide the bags under my eyes and the best concealer for me is one that is illuminating as well.
  4. Bronzer – get that glow, girl!
  5. Finish off with a good highlighter and powder to set your makeup.

Eye’s step by step:

  1. For the eyes, I usually use the Naked2 palette and honestly I have no clue what I am doing. I literally just YouTube a tutorial to get inspired. Usually its from my girl Hayley Segar!
  2. Liquid eyeliner is the best for me, I don’t really know how to do a winged eyeliner look so eh I do what I can.
  3. Eyeliner palette – I mix brown and black and then add a bit of mascara to my lower lashes.
  4. I don’t add mascara since my lashes are extensions, but if you don’t use extensions you should definitely add lots of layers or use fake lashes.


  1. I never know what color lipstick to use so I usually start off with nude and then see if I like it. If I don’t I’ll go for a pop of color. As you can see in these pictures, I started off with a nudish color and then chose the red!

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