Dune Jewelry, why i love it so much

When it comes to jewelry I love a simple look and I am very particular about what I choose to wear. There is one brand that I truly adore, not only because their pieces are beautiful, but because it is memorable, handcrafted in the USA and some of the proceeds goes towards various coastal preservation organizations.

Dune Jewelry is experiential jewelry that captures memories from where you’ve been, where you love and where you’re going.  I love the concept that I can wear something that means so much me, but doesn’t call too much attention. It’s simple, memorable and perfect!

So this is how it works, if you go on their website you will see the different types of jewelry’s, collections and gifts. Once you choose a piece you can fill each piece of Dune Jewelry with sand, clay, earth or other crushed elements from your most cherished travels and adventures from around the world.  This makes each piece custom, handmade specifically to your memories and creates a meaningful piece of jewelry.

For my memorable piece I chose the Gold Delicate Oval Stacker Ring Trio.

Once I selected my piece, I browsed though all of their Banks to figure out which sand or elements I wanted to incorporate in my custom ring trio.  There were so many options to choose from; Beach Bank, Nature Bank, Sports Bank, Golf Bank, Shell Bank, Power Stones and more!

I chose to fill mine with sands from my favorite places in the world and also places that have a meaning in my life.

The memorable sands from the Beach Bank that I chose are:

Old Lyme, CT to represent where I grew up (well just a town over in Old Saybrook)
Positano, Italy, to represent my favorite vacation spot
Ilhabela, Sao Paulo, Brazil to represent where I am from

Dune Jewelry’s approach allows us to live in the moment and then have a piece of that memory with us.  I look forward to continuously traveling and incorporating my new favorite memories into artisan-crafted, fine jewelry that will last forever.

Photographer: Polyana Honorato l Location: Edgewater, Miami l H&M: Me + natural beachy hair 

Dream Big,



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