NYC’s Booziest Brunch: Dos Caminos Review

It’s Friday!!!! I am doing my happy Friday dance. Nothing is better than NYC on the weekends. So many places to go, so many yummy foods to try. Last week I had my two high school friends visit and it was literally the most fun weekend ever. I asked what they wanted to do in NYC and their one request was a nice boozy brunch in the city, so I delivered.

Dos Caminos has the best boozy brunch experience. They have several locations, but we went to the one at Meatpacking District. It has a lot of space and really pretty decor, which is perfect for big groups. Bottomless drinks are $18 and you can mix and match several drinks. I got a mimosa, frozen mango margarita, and a sparkling wine (champagne). My friends additionally got screwdrivers and bloody marys. They were pretty good on getting us drink after drink, and I had no complaints except that my mango margarita was not very good- don’t get that one.

They sat us in this cozy little corner upstairs. It was a perfect spot for a big group; it felt like we had a little piece of the restaurant to ourselves.

If you have a sweet tooth, definitely, definitely, definitely, get their pancakes. You didn’t even need a lot of syrup because it was sooo sweet already. Tasted like a dessert. I had some after my friend couldn’t finish her plate.

The steak was cooked to perfection. I loved my plate, but it was so much food I couldn’t even finish.

The scrambled eggs quesadilla might be my next move.

Cheers to the weekend!

Bonus: We went to 230 Fifth at night and it was so much fun. I had been there several times in the summer, but it was my first time going in the winter. I actually like it better in the winter, it was so cool with their igloos, heat warmers and snuggies. I would definitely recommend as the best winter rooftop in NYC. My boyfriend Pat made friends with a magician, who was having a bachelor party in one of these igloo bubbles, so we joined them and watched him do magic for a solid two hours.

Dream Big,


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