Della’s Kitchen

Miami healthy spots are flourishing and my new favorite is Della’s Kitchen – real food! The restaurant is very casual and is completely outdoors so brace yourself if it’s summertime! It’s located in Wynnewood Yard and the concept is simple, nourishing and vegan friendly.

How it works:

You order your food up on the counter, the menu is very simple and has the options of you creating your own bowl (base, protein, veggie, sauce and boost) or you can order one of the favorites.

They deliver your bowl to your picnic table and the utensils and water station are self service, meaning you get all of your utensils yourself. Pretty easy and simple.

My top choices from the menu:

So many different options and combos that you can make by creating your own bowl, but I went with one of the most popular bowls and got the Dale bowl. Ah it was so good. It’s that type of food that you know your body needs, so healthy! My friend decide to create her own bowl, so she added a bit of everything she was craving!

For dessert we had their peanut butter cup which is vegan and gluten free and tastes better than a reese’s pieces. Seriously divine.

Stay healthy!

Dream Big,



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