Celebrating one year in NYC at City Winery

One year in NYC….crazy, crazy. I literally cannot believe it’s been a year since graduating school and getting my first job in the city. Living in the city was honestly everything I expected it to be: Super fun, stressful sometimes, pricey all the time, and rewarding. I feel so lucky that I have a great job in NYC, a place where so many people dream about living. I feel very accomplished and I couldn’t be any happier! I like to remind myself of that when I’m feeling anxious or stressed out because after all, NYC is a very big and scary place that also comes with a lot of ups and downs.

To celebrate our one year anniversary, my roommates and I went to City Winery. We love a good reason to sip on wine and eat delicious food. We ordered the duck tacos and the rice balls. Two very important things I need to share. One is that you definitely want to order appetizers here because the food portions are very small, and two definitely get the rice balls. They were AMAZING. The duck tacos were okay, but the real winner here was the rice balls.

If you’re in a group, get a bottle of wine to share, solely because they give it out in these cool potion looking flask.

Every single bite of my meal tasted like perfection BUT it is a small portion. I desperately wanted more lamb. I would definitely get the lamb again if I came back here.

Make sure you ask for the special of the day because my roommates loved their chicken special. The short ribs were my second choice and my roommate who ordered it raved about the sauce.

This is a great place for a date night or a girl’s night. There are several sections to the restaurant, and one of the sections had live music. Although we didn’t sit at that part of the restaurant, on my way to the bathroom I passed by it and just stood there listening to the music. It was so charming!

I feel like I’ve changed so much in a year and my life is just so different from college, but I’m so excited for another year in NYC. I know I won’t be here forever so I try my best to soak up every moment. Cheers!

Dream big,


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