Trying to get a good picture at the Brooklyn Bridge

Last weekend my friend and I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge for some pictures. Now disclaimer, doing touristy things in NYC is not fun and I usually just end up getting really stressed out in a sea of people, but I don’t remember walking the Brooklyn Bridge even though I know I have before a long time ago, and I truly did want to see that view. I probably won’t do it again, but it was worth going to see. Another disclaimer, it’s so hard to walk with all the bikes. I’m really surprised no one gets constantly run over by the bikes going up and down. My advice is do the Brooklyn Bridge on foot.

This is my favorite summer crop top. I literally use it once a weekend. It’s so cute and fits really well, and although it’s white, it’s definitely not see through. I got it at H&M for the Fourth of July, but it honestly just became my summer staple!

It’s seriously close to impossible to get a picture at the Brooklyn Bridge with the amount of people that are there but it’s a good place to go to really take in the beauty of the city! Although, like I said, touristy things in NYC are a headache, every once in a while, I like spending a day seeing the city from a completely different perspective.

Also, right below, on the other side of the bridge is the cutest neighborhood ever. I couldn’t quite capture the neighborhood on camera. I tried but the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s almost like you’re not in NYC anymore. It’s worth the walk to just dream about what life would be in a cute neighborhood like that. Future #goals.

Dream Big,