That Little Black Top You’re Looking For

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to shop for that effortless black shirt that you can wear for any occasion. People say you find love when you’re not looking…well it’s the same with shopping. We tend to find the outfits we want when we’re not looking.

Forget finding that little black dress, I have spent so much time looking for that little black top. The top you can put on with anything and it looks both flattering for a night out and casual enough to wear with jeans. I was so excited to find my little black top at Tobi!

I paired this with a lace bra and it just looked so lovely and sweet! I also love the bell sleeves and the little bow where it ties up in the front. It just adds another dreamy detail to it. There’s also a beautiful pink version of the shirt that I am dying to get.

Dream Big,


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