Mother’s Day Weekend Brunch in NYC

My mom spent Mother’s Day weekend with me in the city and we had so much fun- despite the awful weather. First off, let me start by saying, planning a Mother’s Day weekend in NYC is not easy. Note to self: make reservations a whole lot earlier. Whatever you plan on doing in the city, if it’s during some kind of holiday or long weekend, make sure you are well prepared and organized in advance!

I wanted this weekend to be perfect for my mom. I am so close with my family, and my mom is a best friend to me. She makes everything heal and everything more colorful. She is such a role model to me and I strive to be like her. I just wanted it to be a very special weekend. I definitely recommend this little brunch places to make special memories of your own with anyone you want to take. It’s such a cozy and personal place to visit in NYC.

With that said, the idea of an amazing weekend was great, but the reality was there weren’t any reservations open! After all the stress of researching brunch places, I decided to just book a random place in SoHo and accidentally found an amazing brunch spot. We all LOVED Cocotte !

The little pot is called a Cocotte, which is how the restaurant gets its name.

The menu was awesome because you could pick out one egg dish, like an omelette with two toppings, and one sweet option, like ricotta blueberry pancakes. It was best of both worlds. Not only was it so tasty, but the portions were great.

Incredible bread pudding
The pain perdu (top left) was my favorite.

I would highly recommend trying a sweet dish at this place. It was definitely something special!

The most charming little brunch spot I have gone to in SoHo so far! Shout out to our waiter Jeremy, who really made the experience that day. His incredible service and attention made it a memorable brunch. I think we all agreed to DEFINITELY come back soon!

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