Boston Marathon Weekend

My boyfriend’s sister, Laura, ran the Boston marathon this year, and I went with his family to cheer her on! Even though I didn’t do any of the running, going to the marathon was an amazing experience. Being so pro-New York, it’s always hard to go somewhere else and not miss the city, but Boston always  has a very balanced upbeat and relaxed vibe to it. It’s not the same feeling as New York city, but a familiar feeling…like they’re cousins. It’s also always entertaining to see my boyfriend in his Boston element.

I have always been a super emotional person, and to watch people around me reuniting with their family and friends after running the marathon was overwhelming! It’s impossible not to think about the Boston bombing when you’re right there, in that moment, walking the same paths as a lot of people walked that day, but the marathon was far from gloomy. Everyone was cheering, excited and filled with pride. I could truly feel that unifying feeling bursting through the crowd.

We were all super proud of Laura! Since there was so much security, it took us about 30 MINUTES or maybe longer to find her, but it was so cool to see everyone congratulating her as we walked down the street to our celebratory bar. I always thought there was a lot of walking in NYC, but turns out Boston also made my feet hurt– and I wasn’t the one who ran a marathon.

^Just some random pictures I thought came out well!

We went to Summer Shack to celebrate– which was a really cute place. There was a bowling alley and my only regret from that weekend was not pressuring us all to go. The drinks are great and I loved all the lights decorating the place. It really made my love for bokeh come out… as you can see from these pictures.

It was a great weekend! I felt very grateful to spend time with great company and even got to see a beautiful Boston sunset to close off the day. I think being at the marathon and watching everyone run was truly a great opportunity for some reflection. I’m happy I got to go!

No colors in this sunset were edited…ah wow. Until next time Boston!

Dream Big,


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