Beaubourg Brunch in NYC

Breakfast food is my favorite kind of food, so whenever I find a new brunch spot, I always get super excited. Beaubourg in Le District for brunch was way better than I thought. This is a great place for a light brunch because besides the beautiful restaurant, it’s a great place for a light meal. I know that brunch isn’t supposed to be a “light” meal, but I just felt like this place gave a perfect amount of food. I felt satisfied, but not bloated afterwards, and I think that is a very rare quality in brunches.

My favorite part was actually the coffee. I’m not a regular coffee drinker, but every now and then I get it, and I’m glad I got the cafe au lait here. It was so good!

This french toast looked incredible. I didn’t order it, but if I were to go back, this is probably what I would order.

The salad was actually so yummy. The dressing was so good, and it felt like such a light meal. The only negative mention is that the eggs were a little cold by the time we started eating.

NYC winter, pretending it’s a tropical place. Le District is located in Brookefield Place, which is a great place in itself to visit if you’re in downtown NY.
There’s a cute little dessert section if you walk to the right of the brunch spot.

This speculoos ice cream was seriously one of the best ice creams I have ever had. Craving it right now…

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